Why GrapheneHC?

GrapheneHC is a revolutionary new merchandising platform designed to provide retailers with all the tools they need to merchandise their online stores effectively.

It is an Enterprise-grade merchandising platform, containing many new and innovative features packaged within an easy to use, intuitive user interface.

GrapheneHC has been designed to become the gold standard for Merchandising, outperforming many current platforms in terms of speed, functionality, flexibility, and price. 

Why Graphene

A dozen reasons to consider GrapheneHC

1. Three technologies in one

GrapheneHC provides Merchandising, Product Search, and Personalization in one easy to use platform.

It enables retailers to create Merchandising Strategies that are consistent across all three functions and provides the convenience of using one system, not three. 

2. Optimized for eCommerce

GrapheneHC is a new software platform, specifically designed and optimized for eCommerce.

Except for the templating engine, all of the software is native to the GrapheneHC platform, which means we have been able to finely-tune each component for eCommerce.

We only work with the retail sector, so everything we do is focused on providing the very best merchandising solutions for retail. 


3. Super Fast Site Performance

Speed is important as it can adversely affect Google rankings, conversion rates, and the mobile experience.

GrapheneHC has been designed to be super fast at scale, providing exceptional performance without having to make any functionality compromises.

4. Flexibility

GrapheneHC is an incredibly flexible platform, supporting many different approaches to merchandising.

It can merchandise down to an extremely granular level, enabling retailers to deploy Merchandising Strategies that support their business objectives.

5. Ease of Deployment

GrapheneHC has been designed for easy deployment.

Typically, this will be an integration with an eCommerce platform.

The platform's APIs provide several deployment options, allowing developers to integrate with GrapheneHC in whatever way suits them.

6. Breadth of Functionality

GrapheneHC is an Enterprise-grade Merchandising Platform.

It contains a breadth of functionality unmatched by many other vendors, providing all the tools needed to manage the merchandising on your site effectively.

The platform contains some unique features such as Merchandising Score, Custom Ranges, Element Designs, Merchandising Concepts, and tools for dealing with Fragmented Stock - enabling powerful Merchandising Strategies to be deployed on your site.

7. Automation

GrapheneHC does the heavy-lifting for merchandising.

By providing automated tools like Merchandising Score and Auto-Merchandiser, GrapheneHC significantly reduces the workload required to effectively merchandise your site.

8. Safe, Secure, High-availability Service

GrapheneHC runs on an Enterprise Cloud Computing platform.

The Cloud platform provides a Safe, Secure, High-availability service, which can easily scale as you grow your business.

9. Extend the life of your existing platforms

As well as providing enhanced functionality, GrapheneHC solves many of the restrictions retailers often face with their current eCommerce platforms.

By implementing GrapheneHC, retailers can extend the life of their existing eCommerce platform and avoid the time and cost involved in migrating to a new platform.  

10. Future-Proof

GrapheneHC is built on a Headless Commerce framework.

This makes it easy to extend GrapheneHC by adding other 3rd party applications via the platform's APIs. 

Any applications added, will benefit from access to GrapheneHC's own User Interface, Templating Engine, and Business Logic Layer.

This extensibility makes GrapheneHC an interesting option for retailers looking to migrate their applications to a Headless Commerce environment.

11. Cost-Effective Solution

GrapheneHC provides Enterprise-level merchandising at a very cost-effective price-point, representing significant value for money.

The platform is available with different pricing tiers so retailers can choose the edition that matches their business needs.

12. Simple contracts with no tie-ins

Reduce business risk with monthly contracts.

There are no hidden costs, so you can get started quickly and at low risk.

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