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Shoptalk europe is back, in person for 2022 and we, just like most of you, are thrilled to be taking part in face to face events again. This does mean though that we can't attend via zoom in our PJ's - and as such we thought we'd share our top 10 tips on attending exhibitions...

Register early

Make sure you are fully registered before the event to prevent any delays on arrival. It's also a good idea to have your registration details and confirmations with you in case there are any issues on the door.

Set objectives

With so much to see and do it can be easy to spend all day at exhibitions yet fail to achieve anything of note. By setting an objective of what you would like to achieve prior to arriving you can ensure your visit to Shoptalk Europe is productive as well as enjoyable.

Research exhibitors

Once you have set an objective, research which stands and exhibitors you would like to visit, that way you can prioritise speaking to those that are most important to achieving your objectives and avoid wasting time speaking to those that you have connection with.

Set appointments

Most exhibitors will set up a pre booked appointment with you if you ask. From their point of view, you are clearly a 'hot lead' if you are taking the time to set up an appointment, so they will prioritize talking with you, and for you it ensures that the exhibitor is ready and has the time to engage with you. You can even meet 'off stand' for a coffee if that feels more comfortable.

Be flexible

Just because you have set your objective, researched your exhibitors and created appointments it doesn't mean you to stick rigidly to a plan. There will be plenty to discover, things you may not have thought of and connections you didn't envisage - to get the most out of an exhibition like Shoptalk Europe you may need to stay flexible.


Exhibitions are a great place to meet new suppliers, new partners and new potential customers. They are also fast paced - make sure you an elevator pitch ready so you can gain interest quickly from anyone you meet. And talk to as many people as possible - you just don't know who you will meet and the opportunities that will arise.

Take business cards

Like the previous states, just said, you don't know who you are going to meet, or when, or for how long. Having a stack of business cards means you can exchange contact details however brief the meeting and connect later when you have more time.

Make notes

There is a lot to take when visiting exhibitions like Shoptalk Europe. Making notes of anything and everything important and of interest means you can refer back to them after the event and remind yourself of who said and does what.

Take a break

You've got all day, taking regular breaks and recharging prevents you from 'running out of steam' and ensures you are fresh and ready for each interaction.

Wear comfy shoes

Probably the single most important tip you will receive when attending an exhibition - wear comfy shoes. You'd be amazed at the distance you'll cover in a day at an exhibition, and that distance will be considerably reduced if your feet are aching!

Advanced commerce are exhibiting at stand H63 at Shoptalk Europe. Come along and say hello the team!

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