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Are you guilty of costing yourself an increase in conversion rates?

So, what is the biggest marketing mistake that companies make? According to ‘experts’, it's failing to understand their customers. Companies need to know who their customers are, what they want, and how to reach them. Without this essential information, even the most well-intentioned marketing campaigns are likely to fail with low conversion rates.

But you know better than that, and this article is not to explain the merits of customer segmentation - in fact, I’m sure as a seasoned marketer, despite the increase in privacy concerns and data regulations you have segmented your audience into various lists that determine which marketing campaign they will receive from you to maximise your chance of an increased conversion rate.

I’ve published this article to reveal the real biggest marketing mistake you can make. And I guarantee you are guilty of making this mistake.

The product display sequence

I guarantee you, at some point you have spent hours crafting a series of targeted emails, personalised to each segment of your customers and showing products relevant to each segment of your customers and then linked the ‘Shop Now’ button on the email to the exact same product display sequence for each segment of your customers!

The product display sequence is exactly as it sounds, the sequence in which your products are displayed on your website, and you’ll recognise from your own browsing behaviour that you only view the first couple of pages of an eCommerce store, which equates to a very small fraction of the available product range.

Viewed this way, all of a sudden the choices we make about which products to show first become increasingly important, and showing the right customer the right product can make the difference between that customer purchasing or navigating away.

The biggest marketing mistake you are making

You understand that, that’s why you segment your audience - you try to understand the needs and wants of each segment and deliver marketing content that is relevant to them. But if you fail to compliment that by linking through to personalised product display sequences based on segmentation, or personas, then you are not completing the journey, and you are wasting your initial efforts to segment your customers in the first place.

And that, my friends, is the biggest marketing mistake that companies make, and I guarantee you do it. Sending personalised, segmented customers to non personalised, non segmented product pages.

How to fix it and increase conversion rates

The great news is, implementing personalised merchandising software like GrapheneHC by Advanced Commerce on your website can dynamically control product display sequences based on a persona, giving you the ability to show personalised product display sequences filled with relevant products to each segment of your audience.

The even better news is, using effective merchandising and personalisation tools as part of an eCommerce optimisation strategy is shown to increase Average Order Values by up to 20% whilst also providing an increase in conversion rates so your ROAS will head for the sky!
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