Techie Stuff

GrapheneHC is a new software platform designed for deployment by in-house developers, digital agencies, independent contractors, and system integrators.

It has been built using an API-first architecture. The platform's APIs are highly robust and designed for fast, high throughput processing.

The Techie Stuff

Technical concepts include:

Enterprise Cloud Computing

Provides a safe, secure, high-availability service.

GrapheneHC has been designed to work in a cloud environment and benefits from the security and resiliency provided by the Enterprise-class Cloud Computing service that it uses.

Headless Commerce

GrapheneHC has been designed to work in a Headless Commerce environment.

It provides comprehensive APIs with several integration options, making it easy to integrate GrapheneHC with other platforms and allowing developers to work with GrapheneHC in whatever way suits them.

Super-fast, scalable performance

GrapheneHC creates a very lightweight processing requirement for product catalogs.

This enables GrapheneHC to operate extremely fast at scale, with all updates being made in real-time. There is no reliance on caching.

eCommerce Integration

GrapheneHC can integrate with most eCommerce platforms via its APIs.

This enables retailers to benefit from GrapheneHC's advanced merchandising features, solving many of the limitations retailers currently face with their eCommerce implementations.

The platform's APIs include specific tools for data integration as well as flexible options for integrating the presentation layer.



GrapheneHC automatically optimizes the merchandising on your website for mobile devices.

GrapheneHC features such as Element Designs, ensure that visitors accessing your site will have an experience specifically customized for their mobile devices.

Additionally, Merchandising Strategies can also be customized to suit different mobile devices.

Real-time Data Processing

Enabling real-time updates throughout the platform.

GrapheneHC provides rapid, high data throughput to the whole platform, avoiding mission-critical time delays.

Third-party Integrations

GrapheneHC is an extensible platform enabling retailers to integrate additional functionality into the platform.

Any third-party functionality added to GrapheneHC automatically benefits from the platform's existing APIs, User Interface, Templating Engine, Business Logic Layer, Image Processing, CDN, and more.

GrapheneHC's extensible platform means it can provide a useful migration framework for headless commerce, allowing retailers to transition to headless commerce in easy steps.

Event Hooks

Provides event-based notifications to other platforms.

Event Hooks enable retailers to update their other systems based on events or actions occurring on their online stores.

Examples could include updating an order management system with a new order or sending content to an email marketing system to use as part of an email campaign.

Fully GDPR Compliant

The Company has a firm commitment to comply with all aspects of GDPR.

We do not collect any sensitive personal information within the GrapheneHC service and anonymize all other data that we process so that it cannot be used to directly identify individuals.

Multi-lingual, Multi-currency

GrapheneHC is inherently multi-lingual and multi-currency, supporting the languages and currencies you need.

Native Search Engine

The Product Search engine is newly developed software native to GrapheneHC.

It is a full-function search engine, designed specifically for eCommerce to provide fast, accurate, and relevant Product Search.

It provides all of the core search functions you might expect from a search engine including stop words, word synonyms and substitutions, field weightings, and spell-correction; together with some very advanced features.

Product Search is exceptionally fast even on large product catalogs with complex attribution and variant requirements.

It is fully integrated into GrapheneHC, working seamlessly with the rest of the platform and benefiting from its advanced merchandising features.

Open-Source Templating engine

GrapheneHC utilizes a Shopify-like open-source templating engine.

The syntax will be familiar to anyone who has built sites using Shopify, making it easy to work with GrapheneHC.

Alternatively, the platform's APIs can return data in a variety of formats including JSON.

CDN and Image Processing

GrapheneHC utilizes its own image processing technology to process, store, manage, and optimize product images for display.

It includes a content delivery network to optimize the delivery of images.

Alternatively, GrapheneHC supports the use of third-party Image Processing and CDNs to provide the same functionality.

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