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Our platform: GrapheneHC

Merchandising blends and strategies for all eCommerce industries.

The combined power of three tools – merchandising, personalisation and site search.

Online merchandising

Merchandising strategies are essentially containers for all your merchandising effects- blends, templates and deployment rules. Strategies can be deployed across full categories, search results and product recommendations. You can set default strategies and also activate additional strategies with triggers. Onsite actions or referring URL’s creates highly personalised customer experiences. 

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Site search

GrapheneHC’s intelligent, native search engine has all the tools you need to avoid null search results, protecting the shopping experience of your customers and reducing bounce rate. All search results can have merchandising effects applied to them, giving you control of the display sequencing and any search terms can trigger personalised merchandising effects.

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GrapheneHC’s range of personalisation tools give you the power to deliver a custom experience for each visitor and improve site performance. Easily create incredible personalised shopping experiences that will delight your customers using any onsite action or referring URL to trigger merchandising effects.

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What our clients say

Nathan Pugsley

Digital Director, Boxraw

“With the tech we used before Advanced Commerce we didn’t get a lot of visibility or understanding about what was going on behind the scenes. But now, Advanced Commerce’s weighted blends + mixed AI and manual merchandising has resulted in us having more control over our products and an overall happier team!” 


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