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Be empowered with all the tools you need to control, improve and enhance product search in your online store
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André Brown

CEO Advanced Commerce
"Product search is an under valued  resource on many eCommerce sites, and with 54% of shoppers navigating directly to search and more than 50% of users abandoning a site if they can't find what they are looking for, there is a significant opportunity for retailers to increase their online revenue by improving their product search"

Intelligent search built from the ground up

GrapheneHC's native search engine is designed specifically for eCommerce and to deliver intelligent results everytime. It comes jam packed with all the tools you need to ensure your online store is equipped to answer any search query and provide relevant results.

Change the way to search

Control results with merchandising strategies

Make sure product searches return the products you want displayed, in the order you want them displayed. All the merchandising effects you can create within GrapheneHC can be applied to search results, wether that is a search drop down or full category page.  You can also set personalized merchandizing strategies for individual search terms  to deliver a truly unique eCommerce experience to each customer, whilst increasing store metrics like AOV by controlling which products are displayed and in what order.

Improve the accuracy of search results with intent recognition

A broad search for 'dresses' will return all dresses irrespective of any other attributes. This can lead to poor experiences as users don't find the right colour, or price or they decide on an item to find out their size is out of stock. However, with GrapheneHC your customer can get far more descriptive with their product search, leading to incredibly accurate search results. 

GrapheneHC product search can determine when a users search term refers  to specific product attributes such as size, colour or brand etc and can then automatically select  all the matching, relevant search facets and apply them to the search results meaning a search for 'red dress in size 12 for less than £30' will return red dresses, available in a size 12 priced at £30 or less. 

Customise search results by the search term.

You can select which filters and facets to show dependant on the search phrase e.g display heel height filter on search results for shoes, but not for dresses.

Search phrases can also be used as a trigger to launch a  personalisedmerchadising strategy that lasts the duration of the users session, unless an alternative strategy is triggered. This ensures you deliver unique digital experiences showing relevant items no matter where you're future customer navigates.
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Avoiding null search results

Predictive text

Helps users find what they are looking for with predictive type ahead text providing search term options in real time and preventing spelling mistakes leading to null search results. 

Synonym library

GrapheneHC comes with a synonym library that allows you to set and substitute alternative phrases for your products ensuring no matter what your customer calls it, they can find it.


Redirect a search term to a specific category e.g "Sale" to "Clearance". Alternatively, capture and focus a search term onto a specially curated landing page with relevant products.


Identify and fix poorly performing search terms with several tools including ranking popularity and success of searches, zero and low hit searches and spell corrections.

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