Product Search

Product Search is an under-valued resource on many eCommerce sites.

With more than 50% of users abandoning a site if they can’t find what they are looking for, there is a significant opportunity for retailers to increase their online revenue by improving their Product Search.

The Product Search within GrapheneHC is extremely advanced and specifically designed for eCommerce, working seamlessly with the rest of the merchandising platform.

Product Search

Features include:

Take Control of Search Results

Adjust the sequencing of search results to meet your merchandising objectives.

GrapheneHC provides precise control over the prioritization of products displayed in Product Search.

Retailers can determine how to adjust the product sequencing including the relative importance of the product attributes used to define the sortation order.

Additionally, retailers can also define precise positions on the search results page and determine which products are shown in those locations.

Merchandising via Product Search

Apply Merchandising Strategies to Product Search.

GrapheneHC enables retailers to apply the same Merchandising Strategies to Product Search that are being used elsewhere, ensuring consistency of merchandising across the entire site.

For example, retailers could apply the same Sale or Clearance strategy being used on PLP, PDP, and Check-out pages, to Product Search.

Search Intent

Discover Users' Search Intent to enhance results.

Product Search can determine when a user's search term refers to specific attributes such as size, color, or brand, etc., automatically selecting the relevant search facets, making the Product Search results extremely accurate.

Additionally, Search Intent provides the user with greater flexibility to amend Product Search results by adjusting the selected search facets without having to re-do their search. 

Search that Learns

Blend Product Search with Behavioral Merchandising.

Product Search learns from the behavior of users on the site so as products start trending or becoming more popular, they will appear higher up in the search results page.

This dynamic function can be enhanced with additional Merchandising Strategies aimed at capturing new product trends.

Search Auto-complete

Help customers find what they're looking for.

GrapheneHC's auto-complete function provides exceptionally fast predictive type-ahead text, helping customers to select the right Product Search terms.

Search Auto-complete is fully merchandisable using the same Merchandising Strategies being used for Product Search on the rest of the site. 

Auto-complete supports template-driven content. This enables retailers to customize the content they display through the auto-complete function - e.g. display a landing page with relevant products, categories, brands, and images, etc.

Search Redirect and Landing Pages

Capture and focus search terms.

GrapheneHC enables retailers to redirect a Search term such as "Sale" to specific categories such as the "Sale" or "Clearance." 

Alternatively, Search Redirect can capture and focus a search term onto a specially curated Landing Page with relevant products.

The Landing Pages can be dynamically populated with products using one or more Merchandising Strategies and/or the Manual Merchandising function.

Using Search Redirect in conjunction with Landing Pages and Merchandising Strategies provides powerful merchandising options for the retailer.

Look and Feel

Take control of Product Search look and feel.

GrapheneHC provides retailers with complete control over the look and feel of Product Search pages, including the design of search facets and filters.

Changes to the Search page template are easy to make, as are changes to the look and feel of the filters and facets.

Dynamic Spell-correction

Product Search automatically corrects misspelt words, improving the quality of searches, and reducing null results.

Spell-correction is completely dynamic and not reliant on a dictionary or taxonomy, adjusting automatically as new products are added or old ones deleted. 

Additionally, Product Search supports the use of word synonyms and substitutions, which can provide a useful additional function in improving the quality of search results.   

Fix under-performing Product Search

The reporting function enables retailers to identify poorly performing search terms.

GrapheneHC provides several tools for fixing under-performance. 

Additionally, the Merchandising Score function enables retailers to evaluate the effectiveness of the Merchandising Strategies being used for Product Search as well as making predictions on the performance of potential new strategies.

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