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Enter the size of your product catalogue and web traffic and we will estimate the cost of GrapheneHC for you.*  Choose between monthly payments or save 20% with an annual plan. Hit get a better price to book a price discussion meeting where we can establish variables such as number of store fronts, development environments and your catalogue size.

*All prices are an estimated based on the information inputs. Estimations are based on typical examples and are not guaranteed. 

Calculate your ROI

A small increase can make a suprising large difference to annual revenue. Use our ROI calculator to explore how changes in AOV and number of orders affect your annual revenue.
On average, retailers can see up to 20% increases in AOV when online stores are effectively merchandised.
On average, retailers can see up to 10% increases in the number of monthly orders when online stores are effectively merchandised.
"We are super happy that we implemented Advanced Commerce's GrapheneHC platform. We have improved our onsite search conversion over 45% and our overall conversion by around 10% , while also increasing basket volumes"

Johannes von Roth-Bandick

Head of eCommerce - Betty Barclay Group
"The biggest short term gain for us is really having a tool that is the right level for our business without having to compromise on the technology. I would absolutely recommend for anyone wanting easy to use, enterprise grade software"

Zoe Donavon

Digital & Marketing Director - LK Bennett

Find out what GrapheneHC can do for your online store

Watch our short explainer video to understand why you should be merchandising your online store.

Why GrapheneHC?

On average, online shoppers only view the first 3pages of an eCommerce site. This makes the decisions about what products to show first and in what order incredibly important. GrapheneHC is a complete site merchandising platform that gives you the power to control your product display sequence for each customer


Define the details of merchandising blends and strategies applied to your product display sequence to ensure the right products are displayed first.

Intelligent Search

Product search that can detect intent, apply filters and provide intelligent search results with merchandising strategies applied.


Create a completely unique and personalised shopping experience for every customer using our suite of advanced personalization tools,


With page load speeds below 100ms, GrapheneHC is extremely fast, powerful enterprise grade software designed to be super easy to use.

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