Easy to use, enterprise grade online merchandisng software

A big and  powerful platform behind driving eCommerce forward

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Super powerful, super easy to use

GrapheneHC is built to outperform the competition in terms of speed, breadth of functionality and price and is easy it is to integrate with your current eCommerce platform.
Designed to work in a headless environment  with an API first infrastructure
Shopify App for simple direct integration with Shopify
Super fast and scalable with average page loads <100ms protecting customer experience
Manage all your channels with multiple storefronts in one place
Multi lingual, multi currency for country specific sites
Open source templating engine to control the look and feel of the front end display
Enterprise cloud computing that is easy to use
Plus much, much more

Super fast page load speeds

GrapheneHC typically loads pages in less than 100ms - now that is fast! 
With real time updates keeping your site completely up to date and super fast page load speeds without the need for caching you can relax knowing customers (and Google) will love the digital experience you provide.

Headless commerce

GrapheneHC has been designed to work in a headless environment with an API first architecture. The platform's API's are highly robust and built for fast, high throughput processing.

Super fast and scalable

GrapheneHC creates a very lightweight processing requirement for product catalogs. This enables GrapheneHC to operate extremely fast at scale, with all updates being made in real time. 

Third party integrations

You can integrate additional functionality to GrapheneHC and any additional third party functionality automatically benefits from GrapheneHC's existing API's, user interface, templating engine, business logic layer and more.
GrapheneHC can provide a useful migration framework for headless commerce in easy steps.

Mobile optimization

Merchandising on your website is automatically optimised for mobile devices with features such as Element Designs ensuring visitors accessing your site will have an experience specifically customised for their mobile device. Additionally,  merchandising strategies can also be customised to suit different mobile devices.

CDN and image processing

GrapheneHC utilizes it's own image processing technology to process, store, manage and optimize product images for display and includes a content delivery network to optimize the delivery of images.
Alternatively, the use of third party image processing and CDN's is supported to provide the same functionality.

eCommerce integration

GrapheneHC integrates with most eCommerce platforms via it's APIs. This enables you to to benefit from GrapheneHC's advanced merchandising features, solving many of the limitations you may face with your eCommerce implementation. 
The platform's API's include specific tools for data integration as well as flexible options for integrating the presentation layer.
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even more

Technical concepts

Calculate your ROI

The burning question is usually 'what's my return going to be?' Well, there are some variables that go into that answer, however we have done the complex maths for you and provided an ROI calculator. Easily see  how much extra revenue you could generate with effective online merchandising, product search and personalization.
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See GrapheneHC in action

Take a guided tour around GrapheneHC and see it's features in action. Watch in real time as the product display sequencing changes as blends, templates and strategies are applied.

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