In an increasingly competitive online world, Personalization is key to maintaining customer engagement, increasing repeat purchases, driving online sales, and increasing conversion rates.

With 4 out of 5 companies reporting a revenue uplift since implementing personalization technologies and retailers seeing an average 20% increase in sales when using personalized experiences; there is a significant opportunity for retailers to offer effective personalization on their eCommerce sites.

GrapheneHC provides sophisticated personalization features that are fully integrated with the rest of the merchandising platform. 


Features include:

Product Recommendations

Increase online revenue with up-sell and cross-sell recommendations.

Personalized product recommendations can significantly increase conversion rates, compared with generic product recommendations.

GrapheneHC enables retailers to use behavioral data to provide highly personalized up-sell and cross-sell recommendations that are tailored and relevant.

Additionally, Merchandising Strategies can be applied to make adjustments to product recommendations.

Personalized Merchandising

Adjust Merchandising Strategies to match customer profiles.

With many retailers using profiling tools to segment their customer-base, GrapheneHC can use that information to match an appropriate Merchandising Strategy to known profiles.

For example, if you know that a visitor belongs to the "bargain-hunter" segment, then GrapheneHC can apply the "Sale"' and "Clearance" Merchandising Strategies whenever they visit the site.

Similarly, if you know someone's size, price, and color preferences, then the system can apply appropriate filters so that the visitor is not shown items outside of their size, price or color preference.

Email Personalization

Personalized emails can deliver up to 6x higher transaction rates than non-personal ones.

GrapheneHC can be used to enhance and personalize email marketing campaigns.

By integrating GrapheneHC with an email marketing system, it can deliver personalized emails that dynamically update when they are opened to display the most relevant content at that moment in time.

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