Make It Personal

Personalisation is key to maintaining customer engagement, increasing repeat purchases, driving online sales and increasing conversion rates.
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Product Recommendations

GrapheneHC uses Artifilcial Intelligence to provide highly personalised up-sell and cross-sell recommendations within a framework that enables you to have control of output from the AI engine. Combining AI with with merchandising tools such as filtering, merchandising blends and templates, enables you to provide product recommendations that are tailored and relevant

Personalised Merchandising

With many retailers using profiling tools to segment their customer base, GrapheneHC can use that information to match an appropriate merchandising strategy to known profiles.

Personalised Marketing

Enhance your marketing by assigning merchandising strategies that are triggered following an assigned URL. Use the URL in email campaigns or social campaigns to deliver personalised product displays that dynamically update to show the most relevant content at that moment in time.

Zero Party Data Merchandising

Gather information from your site users to segment and deliver a customised experience. Only show products in your customers size, or colour preference, or price range...the options are endless.

Makes A Difference With GrapheneHC

4 out of 5

Companies reported a revenue lift after implementing personalisation technologies.


Retailers average increase in sales when using personalised experiences.

See GrapheneHC in action

Take a guided tour around GrapheneHC and see it's features in action. Watch in real time as the product display sequencing changes as blends, templates and strategies are applied.
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Three Technologies In One

GrapheneHC provides Merchandising, Product Search and Personalization in one easy to use platform.




Merchandising Strategies

Define merchandising effects to be applied

Advanced Prioritization

Gain precise control over product prioritization

Merchandising Concepts

Create customized merchandising concepts

Merchandising Templates

Decide where  strategies are deployed

Fragmented Stock

Define how to deal with fragmented stock

Auto Merchandiser

Automate the merchandising process

Custom Triggers

Define conditions that determine the strategy

Custom Ranges

Define custom ranges for product attributes
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Take Control Of Search Results

Adjust the ranking of search results

Merchandising Via Product Search

Apply merchandising strategies  to search

Search Intent

Discover search intent to enhance results

Search Autocomplete

Help customers find what they're looking for

Dynamic Spell Correction

Automatically correct misspelt words

Search That Learns

Blend search with behavioral data

Fix Under Performing Product Search

Improve search results
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Product Reccomendations AI

AI used intelligently without the black box

Personalised Merchandising

Adjust strategies to match customer profiles

Email Personalization

Personalize email marketing campaigns

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