Effortlessly craft personalised shopping experiences for every kind of customer, every step of the way.

Personalisation tools designed for eCommerce

Personalise every aspect of your online store

Personalised merchandising strategies can be deployed across every area of your online store. From product list pages to search results and product recommendations such as ‘You may also like’ and ‘Complete the look’, you can tailor each area of your store with personalised strategies to ensure the right product is showcased to the right customer, boosting conversion rates and customer loyalty.

Triggering personalised strategy

Any referring URL or onsite action can trigger a personalised merchandising strategy that remains active for the duration of the customer’s session, unless another personalised strategy is activated.

Enhance your brand with unique digital experiences

We know that the average shopper only sees 3% of an online store before they make the decision to click out and go elsewhere. With personalised merchandising strategies, you can create unique digital experiences that keep customers coming back. Personalisation doesn’t just drive better conversions and sales, it also enhances brand loyalty, ultimately turning a one-time customer into a life-time buyer. 


Using personalised merchandising strategies


Personalised merchandising strategies can be triggered with referring URLs from email or social media marketing campaigns.

Search terms

Define an unlimited number of search terms to trigger a diverse range of personalised merchandising strategies.

Zero party data

Data collected from customer forms and surveys can be used to trigger personalised strategies, so you can create strategies based on what your customers actually want to see. 

Pop ups

Activate a personalised strategy through an exit-intent pop-up to re-engage a user that is about to leave your store.

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