Easily create unlimited personalised shopping experiences

Create incredible personalised shopping experiences that will delight your customers triggered by any onsite action or referring URL
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Personalization tools designed for eCommerce

Average increase in sales when using personalised experiences
Retailers that reported increased revenue after implementing personalised technologies
The percentage of customers expecting a personalised experience

Watch how GrapheneHC can personalize your online store

GrapheneHc's range of personalization tools give you the power to deliver a custom digital experience for each visitor to your online store improving your online sales performance.

Personalize every part of your online store

Personalized merchandising strategies can be deployed in every area of your online store. Product list pages, search results and product recommendations can all be merchandised with personalized strategies so you can make sure the right product is displayed to the right customer increasing your chances of converting them into a sale.

Trigger your personalized strategy 

Any referring URL or onsite action can be used to trigger a personalized merchandising strategy that stays with the customer for the duration of their session, unless a further personalized strategy is triggered. The only limit to the possibilities. is your imagination!

Enhance your brand with unique digital experiences

We know the average shopper only looks at the first 3 pages of an online store, which can be as little as 5% of the product catalogue. By delivering unique digital experiences you not only increase your online store performance, you also increase the connection your customer feels with your brand as you show them products relevant to them.
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Using personalized merchandising strategies


Trigger a personalized strategy with the referring URL from an email or social marketing campaign.

Zero party data

Collect data from your customer with questions, forms or surveys that are used to trigger personalized merchandising strategies.

Search terms

Define unlimited search terms to trigger different personalised merchandising strategies.

Pop ups

Trigger a personalized strategy from an exit intent pop up to re-engage a user about to leave your store.

See GrapheneHC in action

Take a guided tour around GrapheneHC and see it's features in action. Watch in real time as the product display sequencing changes as blends, templates and strategies are applied.

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