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The gold standard for merchandising

Combining online visual merchandising, site search and real-time personalisation on one easy to use platform for eCommerce stores.

André Brown

Founder & CEO

Advanced Commerce was founded in 2018 by André Brown (previously co-founder and CEO of Attraqt) to provide an enterprise-level merchandising platform to small and mid-tier retailers. Called GrapheneHC, the platform supports all three key factors that help drive retail business – merchandising, product search, and personalisation. GrapheneHC empowers retailers to take control over product display sequences using a blend of product and store attributes and determining where to apply that blend. It helps increase conversion rates, average order value, and higher order volumes while reducing returns and cart abandonment rates.  

Our platform, GrapheneHC, enables businesses in eCommerce to control their online visual merchandising strategies and gives flexibility to successfully create profit lead merchandising blends at ease and with speed. 


“Comparing 60 days pre and post live data for EGO’s UK website, Advanced Commerce has delivered a 15% increase in click through rate, 30% increase in CVR and 16% average revenue per user.” 

Manuel Perez, Head of Development, EGO


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