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Online merchandising made easy 

All the online merchandising tools you need for creating high conversions and AOV

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Increase in AOV
Effectively merchandised stores can see up to 20% increase in AOV
Increase in conversion
Effectively merchandised stores can see upwards of 10% increases in conversions
Reduction in returns
Effectively merchandised stores can see reductions of up to 20% in return rates

Johannes von Roth-Bandwick

Head of eCommerce - Betty Barclay Group
"Merchandising is a key success driver for every retailer, both online and offline. In or brick and mortar stores we do this every day - our online store needed to show the same expertise."
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Creating merchandising effects with GrapheneHC

Merchandising blends

Merchandising blends are the engine on which GrapheneHC runs. There is no limit to the amount of merchandising blends you can create - or what can be used in a blend. Product attributes like price, size, and in stock can be used along with site metrics such as popular, trending, average basket adds and more. Along with this you can plug in an external data feed to add any further metrics you want into your blends. GrapheneHC uses the selected blend to determine your product display sequence, ensuring the right type of products are shown every time.

Merchandising templates

GrapheneHc's unique merchandising templates function gives you complete control over where merchandisng blends are applied on a page. It is literally as easy as creating the shape in the template builder and assigning the desired merchandising blend.  You can use templates to introduce several merchandising blends into one view building complex merchandising strategies without any complex coding.

Merchandising strategies

Merchandising strategies are essentially containers for all your merchandising effects - blends, templates and deployment rules. Strategies can be deployed across full categories, results and product recommendations. You can set default strategies and also activate further strategies with triggers - onsite actions or referring URL's creating highly customer experiences.


Merchandising insights

Take a look under the hood of the AI engine! 
Once you have created your merchandising blends and strategies merchandising insights provides the reasons why products are displayed in the order they are. This gives you the power to further increase the effectiveness of your merchandising and correct anomalies.

More merchandising tools than anywhere else

merchandising concepts icon


Create custom concepts to be used in merchandising blends, especially useful for non numerics such as defining colours into a range e.g Autumn colours
fragmented stock icon

Stock fragmentation

Define rules for how to deal with stock when levels become fragmented including giving additional weighting to popular options.
custom ranges icon

Custom ranges

Low to high, or high to low filtering doesn't cater for the mid range purchaser. Tackle this by creating custom ranges for any numerical based metric, such as price.

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