Online merchandising

As Online Merchandising Platform of The Year 2024 (and 2023), we offer all the essential online merchandising tools you need to increase conversions, boost sales and reduce return rates. 

The four Ws of merchandising

What, where, when and who. What merchandising effects do you want to have, Where on your site do you want to see them, When do you want them to operate and Who are they targeted at. We deliver this as follows:  

What: Custom merchandising blends using any combination of merchandising attributes to fit your business needs. 

Where: Merchandising templates give merchandisers the power to choose where merchandising blends appear, giving you full and precise control.

When & Who: Merchandising strategies determine when and who sees your chosen merchandising blends.

More merchandising tools than any other platform

CUSTOM Concepts

Create custom concepts to be used in merchandising blends, this is especially useful when sorting products into non-numerical concepts such as defining colours into a range (e.g. Autumn colours).

Stock fragmentation

Generate your own rules for managing fragmented stock levels, including assigning additional weighting to popular options.

Custom ranges

Custom ranges can be used to sort products into any numerical metric, such as price. With custom ranges, you can cater to shoppers with any budget, not just those searching for high and low price points. 


Create Merchandising Personas to match any customer segmentation created in your CRM or EMS, to trigger merchandising strategies for specific customer groups and segments (e.g. Bargain Hunter), ensuring that every kind of customer receives a tailored shopping experience that drives them to the checkout.  


Online merchandising with GrapheneHC

Online merchandising blends

GrapheneHC offers limitless possibilities for creating online merchandising blends, allowing you to incorporate various product attributes such as price, size, availability and site metrics like trending, popular and average basket adds. 

Seamlessly integrate external data feeds to include additional metrics of your choice in your blends. Utilising the chosen blend, GrapheneHC optimises your product display sequence, ensuring the most relevant products are showcased at all times.

Merchandising strategies

Merchandising strategies serve as comprehensive frameworks, pulling together all of your chosen merchandising elements, including blends, templates, and deployment rules.

Strategies can be applied across entire categories, search results, and product recommendations. You have the flexibility to establish default strategies and activate additional ones using triggers such as onsite actions or referring URLs, creating highly personalised customer experiences that drive conversions, boost sales and reduce return rates.

Merchandising templates

With GrapheneHC’s unique merchandising templates feature, provides online merchandisers with very precise positional control over where blends are implemented on a page. Simply construct the shape within the template builder and allocate the preferred merchandising blend—it’s that easy.

Templates enable you to incorporate multiple merchandising blends into a single view, allowing for the creation of intricate merchandising strategies without the need for complex coding.

Merchandising insights

Online merchandising shouldn’t be a mystery. 

Once you’ve created your custom blends and strategies, GrapheneHC’s merchandising insights gives you a look into the AI engine, explaining the reasons behind the product display order so you’re never left guessing. These valuable insights give you the power to enhance the efficacy of your merchandising efforts and rectify any anomalies.

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