Merchandising Ideas

GrapheneHC is an incredibly flexible Merchandising platform, capable of supporting many different approaches to Merchandising.

Some ideas for delivering merchandising on your site using the different functions within GrapheneHC include the following:

Merchandising Ideas
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Merchandising Strategies

Merchandising Strategies determine the merchandising effects to be applied on your site, together with the look and feel. Here we outline some merchandising ideas to help you achieve your merchandising goals and business objectives.

Best Sellers

Use the Best Sellers strategy to prioritize products on your site, showing all the best selling items first.

Clear Old Stock

Use this strategy to promote older items and/or automatically reduce the price of older stock.

The Golden Rule

One of the best general-purpose merchandising strategies, it prioritizes products that are popular based on views, purchases, stock, and margin.

Highest Converting

Prioritizes products based purely on their conversion rate. It can be enhanced by choosing additional product metrics or adding additional merchandising strategies.

High Margin

A simple strategy for prioritization based on margin - its a good starting point for creating more sophisticated strategies.

High Value Trending

This strategy blends trending items with a descending price sortation order - effectively skimming off the higher-priced trending items.

Low Price Trending

Prioritizes trending items using ascending price, to deliver the lower-priced trending items.

Popular New-In

A good general-purpose strategy that prioritizes equally by publication date, trending, and purchases.

Priortize Sale Items

This strategy prioritizes products that are on Sale or on Clearance, together with an ascending price sortation.

Promote Higher Stock

Prioritizes products with higher stock levels. This strategy can be enhanced by adding other metrics such as price, margin, and popularity.

Warm Colors, Cold Colors

A strategy aimed at prioritizing warm or cold colors - useful for new seasonal items.

Weighted User Journey

Prioritizes products based on views, adds to basket, and check-out. Each stage of the customer journey is double the importance of the previous stage.

Page Element Designs

Page Element Designs are a unique and powerful merchandising tool. It is analogous to painting shapes onto the page to determine where merchandising effects are to be applied. Here we explore some design ideas to maximize the effectiveness of your merchandising strategies.

Alternating Strategies

Enables retailers to use two different strategies on the same page - e.g. alternating between best sellers and trending.

Brand Adjacency

Enables retailers to specify brand adjacency rules.

Group by Color

Group products together on the page based on their color attributes.

Group by Product

Assign different product categories per row/column on the page.

Group by Style

Assign different product styles per row/column on the page.

Multiple Strategies

Deploy multiple Merchandising Strategies within the same page.

Promote Edge Prices

Promote products at either end of the price scale, with mid-price items being demoted.

Target Hotspots

Target individual hotspots on the page.

Merchandising Concepts

Merchandising Concepts enable retailers to give meaning to their product data, using definitions that will be familiar to their customers, in order to affect the product prioritization.

Seasonal Colours

Create a Concept for Seasonal Colours, by defining what that actually means in terms of colours.

Brand Definition

Use Concepts to define certain brands as being a luxury brand or an economy brand, and then applying the appropriate merchandising strategy.

Style Definitions

Create style definitions such as Casual, Formal etc. using Merchandising Concepts.

Technical Terms

Create a technical term such as High Definition, then define what that means in terms of resolution.

Custom Ranges

Custom Ranges allow retailers to determine the importance of product prioritization across a size, color, or price range, by defining a custom distribution. This provides more sophisticated prioritization options than standard linear min/max sortation.

Promote Different Pricing Segments

Define customised pricing distribution to promote a specific pricing segment or segments.

Taper Lower Stock

Apply a non-linear tapering to declining stock-levels to avoid over-selling.