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Integrations with our platform

Fast and scalable Headless Commerce

GrapheneHC has been designed to work in a headless environment with an API first architecture. The platform’s API’s are highly robust and built for fast, high throughput processing.

GrapheneHC creates a very lightweight processing requirement for product catalogs. This enables GrapheneHC to operate extremely fast at scale, with all updates being made in real time. 

Third party integrations

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Mobile optimisation

Merchandising on your website is automatically optimised for mobile devices with features such as Element Designs ensuring visitors accessing your site will have an experience specifically customised for their mobile device. Additionally,  merchandising strategies can also be customised to suit different mobile devices.

eCommerce integration

GrapheneHC integrates with most eCommerce platforms via it’s APIs. This enables you to benefit from GrapheneHC’s advanced merchandising features, solving many of the limitations you may face with your eCommerce implementation. The platform’s API’s include specific tools for data integration as well as flexible options for integrating the presentation layer.

Event hooks

Event hooks enable you to update your other systems based on events or actions occurring on your online store. Examples could include- updating an order management system with a new order.

Fully GDPR compliant

Advanced Commerce has a firm commitment to comply with all aspects of GDPR. We do not collect any sensitive, personal information within GrapheneHC and anonymise all other data that we process.

Real-time data processing

GrapheneHC provides rapid, high data throughout the whole platform, avoiding missing critical time delays and enabling real time updates throughout.

Multi lingual, multi currency

GrapheneHC is inherently multi lingual and multi currency, supporting the languages and currencies you need.

Open source templating engine

GrapheneHC utilises a Shopify like open source templating engine. The syntax will be familiar to anyone who has built sites with Shopify, making it easy to work with our platform.

Enterprise cloud computing

GrapheneHC has been designed to work in a cloud environment and benefits from the security and resiliency provided by the enterprise class cloud computing service that it uses.


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