How to grow eCommerce sales on Shopify 

Boosting eCommerce sales on the Shopify Plus platform involves a combination of strategic planning, optimisation, and utilising the platform’s features to their fullest potential. Here are some tips to help you enhance your Shopify Plus store and drive more sales:

Creating a personalised shopping experience

Studies show that customers with personalised shopping experiences spend 50% more than those without.

Providing personalised shopping experiences increases the chances of customers returning and making a purchase. Effective merchandising can boost conversion rates by up to 30%, and 70% of customers expect personalisation.

Keeping your customers engaged

The longer a customer stays on your site, the more likely they are to make a purchase. Using thoughtful product grouping and intelligent product recommendations tailored to an individual customer will result in higher engagement, conversion rates, and reduce bounce rates. 

For best results, consider hosting recommendations on the home page, category pages, product pages and even on the basket page (especially when combined with a free delivery threshold.)  

Enhancing onsite search conversion

Over 50% of shoppers use the search bar, so having an effective search function with relevant results is crucial for providing the best shopping experience. Take your onsite search to the next level by incorporating predictive type ahead, product discovery, misspell technology and landing pages within search.

Reduce return rates

Effective merchandising can lead to a reduction in avoidable returns, saving you money and protecting your brand reputation.

Introducing the best-kept secret on Shopify: GrapheneHC by Advanced Commerce.

GrapheneHC is an enterprise-grade platform that doesn’t come with the hefty price tag. It’s an all-in-one merchandising, search, and personalisation platform designed to create highly personalised shopping experiences on your Shopify store. Packed with features to boost revenue, build conversions, and grow baskets, it’s easy to use and implement. The best part? It’s available as a Shopify app for seamless integration into your online store.

GrapheneHC is not yet listed in the Shopify app store, but you can experience it through our demo video or speak with us directly by arranging a quick demo today. 


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