Case Study: The WOD Life

“Being able to do all three things at once (search, merchandising and personalisation) within one collection has been powerful for us. We've been able to identify areas where we need to push different products in a way that seems organic to all of our customers.”

A case study with Harley Scotland at The WOD Life.

Transcript below:

"I'm Harley Scotland and I'm the Senior Ecom Product Manager at The WOD Life.

My main responsibility at The WOD Life is to manage the website, which doesn’t sound like a lot, but it’s broken down into a couple of things. One of the main things that’s relevant to Graphene is how we merchandise, how the collections look, working with the product team to escalate products that are new or we need to push, and working with the marketing team to escalate the products that they are marketing at the moment. 

In terms of what we do at The WOD Life, we are the one stop shop for everything training. From shoes and apparel to equipment and nutrition."

What has your experience been like with Advanced Commerce? 

"Overall, it's been really positive for us. It's had all the functionality we were after plus more, which is always good. The other good thing is that there's always new features that are in the pipeline and being added in there. And then the fact that a lot of the platform kind of combines aspects and functionalities together, it's really helped us save on costs and financial control side of things compared to what the other solutions offer in the market- so it's been really good for us."

“We can display ad spots now in collections, which is a like a really effective and fantastic way to present an offer or a deal and it’s been a really powerful way for us to get across a message without having a pop up or something disruptive happening to the customer.”

Harley Scotland, The WOD Life

What has your experience with Advanced Commerce’s support team been like?

"The support has been probably some of the best we've ever had from any platform. Normally with other platforms you reach out to support and it's someone who they're paying and they don't really have any hands on experience with the products. But with the Graphene team, I feel like every time we've got an issue, we've got a question or something we want to raise, it feels like we're just speaking to the developers behind it all. So they're really hands on and they know exactly what they're talking about.

You don't have to wait for them to ask someone higher up or their manager- they know the answer straight away or they know how to get that answer quickly to you. So, the supports been great! 

They're very quick to get back to you on any questions that you've got and very friendly as well. They're understanding that maybe not everyone is as technically advanced as they are- so they're good at breaking things down to consumable bite sized pieces."

How do you find GrapheneHC’s platform and functionality? 

"With Graphene, having a platform where you're combining things like merchandising, your search, recommendation slots and the reporting, everything working together can be quite hard sometimes. And I think with Graphene, the way that they’ve built things together, you don't have that issue. Everything sort of feeds into each other. The reporting works as like a central hub to check everything- your search, how your merchandising is going and your recs slots as well. You're not having to jump around different apps; everything is in the one central location within Graphene. And it really feels like each aspect it's not just checking a box saying, “we have this feature in our platform”, they're all well considered and quite robust individually too."

Is there anything specific to your retail sector that makes GrapheneHC so well suited?

"For us we have such a wide range of products and all year round we're cycling through different products that we need to elevate or different sale events that are happening- but then the big challenge is we've got such a large product range so how do we merchandise that in a way that talks to the new stuff that's coming in, the stuff that's selling really well and maybe some other products that we need to give some light to. So, I think being able to do all three things at once within one collection for all your customers has been quite powerful for us. So, we've been able to identify areas where, we need to push products XYZ, and we also need to push products ABC and we're able to do that the exact same time in a way that seems quite organic to the customer as well."

What challenge did you previously face that led you to seek out Advanced Commerce?

"The big one for us was trying to consolidate a wide app stack into something that was more manageable and cost effective. And it was really important for us that we didn't lose any functionality with that consolidation as well. So, Graphene really kind of presented a great product for us because it had searched, recommendation slots, merchandising and reporting all in one place. And we didn't have to reach out to all these different platforms and providers to find three or four different apps. We just needed to reach out to one and that was way more cost effective for us."

What results have you observed since using Advanced Commerce? 

"It was a struggle to merchandise during the start of the sale because we'd have to wait for data to come in before we could identify wha"t the best sellers were and then it was normally a bit too late in the sale to optimise because we'd miss out on the days that the algorithm was learning. But with Graphene, because we can manually pull products up and schedule when they come back down, we can kind of skip that learning phase and do a presumptive phase where we're not having to wait for that learning. We can say, “we think these products will be the best ones,” and after a few days, we can drop them back down or remove that rule- and then Graphene will take care of the rest for us. Normally the ones we've selected kind of stay up where they are anyway just because we can identify they're going to be the best sellers.

Another big one for us is what we can display ad spots now in collections, which is a like a really effective and fantastic way to present an offer or a deal that's not just a product- and it can help educate customers in an organic sort of way that’s not disruptive. You can schedule them, they can go in a result, they can go into recommendations. That's just been really powerful for us to get across a message without having to do a pop up or have something disruptive happen to the customer.

So, intuitively showing them “hey, these are the offers that we've got going” or “this is the promotion that we've got going.” So that kind feels organic for the customer."

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