A case study with Marshall Johnson at Fenwick. Transcript below:

“I’m Marshall Johnson and I’m the Senior Digital Trading Manager at Fenwick.

I oversee all of the different departments on the website, so that includes fashion, beauty, furniture, food and wine and home and tech and how they are trading on the website, driving online sales and working with digital marketing- in terms of driving that customer to the site and serving them with the most relevant product at that time.”

“I’m very impressed by the scope and complexity of the tool. It’s very high level of customisation and insights available which has been very exciting to keep discovering. And from a sort of trade perspective, you can see how many things you can change, and you can kind of refer back to GrapheneHC and say “Oh actually let’s go in and work on that facet on that page,” because you can really drill down much more than I’ve had in previous platforms.”

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“With the support team, I would just say that they’re always very quick to pick up the tickets and we and they’re also happy to jump on a call, which is quite nice because sometimes I think it’s hard to explain just via e-mail if it’s almost a bit of a setup question and then they’ve been really helpful just to hop on a call and say we can go through it quickly which has been really good for resolutions. 

Katie [Client Services Director] has been great. She’s done lots of helpful training sessions with us and she also did an audit of how we’re using the tool within the first three months that we had it and making recommendations on how we can improve- especially on areas like site search and the recommendations blends. 

She’s also been very collaborative with some of our other tech partners, which have allowed us to release some like more AI driven experiences that were using some founded data with something that the company can provide- which has been great that they’ve been up for that level of working together.”

“You can see in real time how all the strategies are working within the Merchandising Insights tool which is a really nice element that a lot of tools don’t have.”

Marshall Johnson, Senior Digital Trading Manager, Fenwick

“I think the strength about it is the great reporting, especially on the on-site search performance. For us, that’s a key area of the site and is a high traffic area. It’s important that through GrapheneHC we’re able to catch all of the low and no-search results and opportunities for optimising through synonyms or redirects.

I think the tool also goes to very incredible depths. We’re able to create highly sophisticated blends that we can use on listings pages with some great features like a size fragmentation scoring. With these you can prioritise items that have a full size run which is great during sale times especially, but all the time it’s great to practise so the customers aren’t disappointed. 

You can also see in real time how all the strategies are working if you use the ‘Merchandising Insights’ tool, which is a really nice element that a lot of tools don’t have, so, you can actually see how the tool is working and then you can make adjustments.”

“I think for our retail sector, especially Fenwick specifically, which is a premium department store, our big challenge that we have a huge and diverse catalogue set which goes from, beauty to fashion, food and furniture. So, it’s finding ways to make all of those easily discoverable to the customer. 

I think GrapheneHC is great for that because we can customise the display per category, so you can get a different filtering experience where it makes sense by department.”

“The challenge that we faced were really that the visual merchandising elements our underlying platform are pretty clunky and many of the recommendation’s algorithms were very simplified and without a very clear explanation or sort of proof of how they were actually pulling products in. For example, if you wanted to see top selling items, they wouldn’t be items that were actually best sellers and there was also very limited array of criteria. 

However, within Advanced Commerce, there’s about 25 filters that can applied to a blend. You can really get quite deep into how things work and then you can see exactly in the ‘Merchandising Insights’ why those products are being pulled for that criteria and I think that was a key thing we were looking for.”

“The biggest win so far is that we’ve had a conversion rate increase on our site search following our audit with our Account Manager. When we did the site audit to review how we were using the tool a couple months ago, we made some quick wins to the rules, introduced some more synonyms following a review of the zero/low hits reporting and that’s our biggest win so far.  


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