Case study with Nathan Pugsley, Head of Digital at Boxraw. Video transcript below:

“My name is Nathan, I’m Head of Digital for Boxraw. We are a boxing and sportswear brand and our mission really is to be the reason why the world gets into boxing.”

What has your experience been like with Advanced Commerce?

“To summarise the experience the whole process has been very one-on-one I think I’ve had more face to face communication with yourselves than I have with any other Tech partner that we’ve used in the past- which just made the whole process of onboarding to training to then using the platform day-to-day easier than a lot of other Tech platforms have used but also, just way more pleasant. It’s nice know that you’ve got individuals there that you sort of build a rapport with over time and if there is ever an issue who speaking to directly and you know they’re looking out for you as well rather than just being treated like a ticket.”

What has your experience with Advanced Commerce’s support team been like?

“My experience with support echo’s the answer to my previous question really about it being personalised. We onboarded during a phase where Advanced Commerce was very new- I don’t think there were many clients onboard it at the time so there wasn’t so much of a formal process but there were lots of face-to-face support just to really walk us through it, like baby us through it Really, to help get everything set up in a way that we were happy with.

On a more day-to-day basis the support is quick to reply. If there’s ever a period of time where they’ve needed more come to get back to us, they’ve let us know straight away rather than keeping us in silence so to speak. 

There’s been one or two cases where I’ve needed out of hours support- One case It was 11:00 p.m. on a Saturday, and I ended up getting through to Andre who then got me on a call straight away with Andy and Dom, and then we were working through an issue together and everything got resolved and it turns out the issue wasn’t even related to Advanced Commerce,  it was something else which was conflicting. But just to that point- I know that I have so much confidence in the system, but I know that if there was ever an issue that I wouldn’t be left out to dry by Advance Commerce whether it would be a weekend or because it would be out of office hours. I feel like they respect what I need from the system to support the business they wouldn’t want to let me down. 

It feels more of like a partnership than a typical support experience.  

Looking at the Client Services- all of the support has been very technical and I think the Client Support Services help fill in that gap of strategy, using the platform day to day, looking at the data and understanding how to get the most out of it. Katie in particular, because she comes from a background where she’s previously done what I’ve done, we get loads of hands-on experience. And you can tell she knows what she’s talking about rather than she’s just been trained up to read boiler plates or stuff that I can find online. 

Just having that one-on-one support there as well, they learn about your business, your specific business needs, niches, and then all of the feedback is relevant to that niche which really helps.”

How do you find GrapheneHC’s platform and functionality?

“Starting top level, the functionality from Advanced Commerce allows us to get really granular with what we want- so there’s many different facets and pieces of tech within the system that supports that, but as a whole, having that really detailed level of output. With the systems we’ve used in the past that might have been more of an out of the box solution, that’s really a two-step setup but you can only do very limited things so if there’s any very niche things our business needs to do, we won’t be able to use it.

That was one of the biggest selling points of Advanced Commerce- just having complete control of everything and it can be as automated as you want and it can be as manual as you want, or you can find a balance- which is where we’re at, at the moment.”

Is there anything specific to your retail sector that makes GrapheneHC so well suited?

“Our business as a whole sells a lot of sportswear but there’s also our equipment side of the business and although that all falls under boxing the experience and the customer are very different. On the more traditional sportswear side of things it allows us to merchandise a site with what you typically expect- you’re looking at bestsellers, top converting, etc. But then when it comes to the equipment side there’s features that enable us to essentially split collections into apparel and equipment so we don’t ruin the experience which the majority of customers want. Then, when we do have a smaller percentage of customers who do want the equipment we can make sure that the website is merchandised in a way which makes the most sense for them.”

“The tech we used before didn’t give us a lot of visibility or understanding about what’s going on behind the scenes. This is why using Advanced Commerce’s weighted blends, mixing AI with manual merchandising, has resulted in us having more control over our products and a happier team!” 

What challenge did you previously face that led you to seek out Advanced Commerce?

“A big challenge before Advanced Commerce was creating a blend that took into account all of the different metrics that we needed to. So rather than just relying on generic AI where you don’t really have much visibility of what’s going on behind the scenes, we’ve essentially created our own blend which focuses on the metrics that we want to focus on as business. Which, when looking at that automated solution it does everything, we need it to, and I’ve got more confidence knowing how it’s working behind the scenes. And then, even having things like the monitoring tools- so if I ever get challenged from the CEO for example, and they’re asking why certain products are in certain positions, I know why it’s there, but I can show him by that scoring system this is why this product is in this position. And then we if we do want to override it, it’s not a case where you have to rely solely on the automatic merchandising, and you’ve got that tiered level of priorities, and if you need to manually pin things and manually override things then that’s still an option too. 

Stock has been a big challenge for the business. As we’ve scaled, all of our money goes back into the business to try and buy more stock, but, in more recent times it’s been a bigger challenge for us just keeping things in stock because demand is so high. So, a lot of our merchandising strategies are based around stock and promoting things which are available, but not only available generally, available in the sizes that we know are the most popular. That’s something very specific that we couldn’t accomplish with any other tool. 

There’s something on a personal level too as the guy responsible for merchandising on the site, it would come down to me, so having a tool like Advanced Commerce that allows me to do what I know I need to do, which makes the rest of the business happy, but also in a way which doesn’t require a lot of manual work on my side. I can set something up now where it’s mostly automated and I’ve got to do very minimal manual checks and I’ve got a lot of confidence in the system that for at least in 80% of cases stock’s will be prioritised and customers are only going to see things which are available.”

What results have you observed since using Advanced Commerce?

“During our Peak sale, specifically Black Friday, we’ve had Black Friday sales in the past where a lot of the merchandising work has been manual and pinning products in a specific position. The disadvantage of that is when stock moves so quickly and products become out of stock or stock starts to become more fragmented, it just requires so much manual observation and upkeep where it just wasn’t sustainable. Whereas with Graphene, a lot of it is now more automated and we have confidence in the automation- it’s made sale periods, at least from my perspective, much more relaxed and Black Friday this year was the smoothest Black Friday we’ve ever had from an onsite perspective- and I think Graphene is definitely a big part of that.”


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