Case study: Baby Mori

Case study with Hannelie Minnie, eCommerce Merchandiser at Baby Mori.

What has your experience been like with Advanced Commerce?

My experience with Advanced Commerce I would say has been seamless, supportive and insightful.

Seamless: The platform seamlessly integrated with the support of Advanced Commerce’s excellent team and collaboration with our team. The integration with our team has been quite seamless.

Supportive: Advanced Commerce developed a help centre to gain quick solutions to problems and concerns. 

Insightful: there are monthly and quarterly sessions held by Advanced Commerce with insight into new features being published within the console.

What has your experience with Advanced Commerce’s support team been like?

The dedicated tech team is always available to address any concerns or queries that we have. 

Client Services have helped with choosing the best merchandising strategies and answered any queries regarding merchandising to help me make an insightful decision.

How do you find GrapheneHC’s platform and functionality?

The Advance Commerce platform offers comprehensive functionalities like high customisable merchandising strategies with ranking products on product landing pages using metrics and attributes. Also using a blend with metrics in the sense of conversion rate, add to bag, sales over time and product views. 

There are also features are custom filtering on product landing pages and search optimisations.

What challenge did you previously face that led you to seek out Advanced Commerce?

The challenge that we faced was that our merchandising had been time consuming across all three of our stores. It took us about 20 minutes to apply manual merchandising across all three stores (which is almost 40 collections per store.) During Black Friday we actually started to manually merchandise at 4:00 AM so we needed an auto-solution for this. 

What results have you observed since using Advanced Commerce?

We have gained deeper insights into our customer preferences and behaviour. This allowed us to optimise our merchandising strategies with precision, ensuring that our product offering is as closely according to customer demand. Also helped us to improve our product discoverability using research and drive revenue growth through data-driven decision making.

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