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“The tech we used before didn’t give us a lot of visibility or understanding about what’s going on behind the scenes. This is why using Advanced Commerce’s weighted blends, mixing AI with manual merchandising, has resulted in us having more control over our products.”


“You can see in real time how all the strategies are working within the Merchandising Insights tool which is a really nice element that a lot of tools don’t have.”


“The platform seamlessly integrated with the support of Advanced Commerce’s excellent team and collaboration with our team, plus, integration with our team has been quite seamless.”

The Conran Shop

“When we started looking at search, merchandising and recommendations suppliers, it’s very apparent that a lot of the tech is outdated, even if it might look dressed up to appear slick and modern. This is why I was impressed with Advanced Commerce’s offering.”


“We’ve seen a dramatic increase of customers converting from the product listing pages to our product detail pages since going live with Advanced Commerce.”

The WOD Life

“Being able to do all three things at once within one collection has been powerful for us. We’ve been able to identify areas where we need to push different products in a way that seems organic to all of our customers.”


Comparing 60 days pre and post live data for EGO’s UK website, Advanced Commerce has delivered a 15% increase in click through rate, 30% increase in CVR and 16% average revenue per user.

LK Bennett

“I would absolutely recommend GrapheneHC and would give it 5 out of 5 for a business like ours that wants easy to use, enterprise grade software.”


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