The gold standard for online merchandising

We combine site search, online visual merchandising and real-time personalisation in one easy-to-use platform for eCommerce stores, helping retailers to compete online

What we do

Three functions in one easy to use platform: site search, online merchandising and personalisation

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Our highly-automated system with a best-in-class user interface is the only platform designed for eCommerce merchandisers. We’re your one-stop shop for online merchandising, full site search functionality and real-time personalisation.

Founded by André Brown (former CEO and Founder of Attraqt), Advanced Commerce delivers an enterprise-level online merchandising platform to small and mid-tier eCommerce stores. 

Most shoppers only view a few pages on an eCommerce site typically seeing only  3% of a retailer’s product catalogue, often meaning they quickly click out if they aren’t presented with something they like. This makes the ranking or prioritisation of products on your site, extremely important. 

Using our unique merchandising blends, online retailers can take complete control of the prioritisation of their product display sequences to create a tailored shopping experience for every kind of customer. Choose any combination of attributes and use our merchandising templates to determine when and where your blends appear to boost conversion rate, average order value and high order volume purchases whilst reducing returns and cart abandonment.


Why choose GrapheneHC?

Special: The only platform designed for merchandisers, offering best-in-class user interface and a high degree of automation.


increased click through rate


increased conversion rate


increased AOV per user


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