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Online merchandising, search and personalization all in one easy to use platform

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Our technology

Easy to use, enterprise grade online merchandising software

Simple: API-first architecture, easy to implement and designed for the headless environment
Speedy: blisteringly fast
Secure: next-generation enterprise platform
Scalable: Infinitely scalable architecture, designed for surges during Peak trading
Special: Only platform designed for merchandisers with best in class user interface + high degree of automation 


Available on our GrapheneHC Platform:

Merchandising blends and strategies for all eCommerce industries. The combined power of three tools - merchandising, personalization and search.


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What our clients say

  • “Within 60 days of using Advanced Commerce, we’ve seen a 15% increase in click through rate, 30% increase in CVR and 16% average revenue per user on our UK website!”

    Manuel Perez Gomez

    Head Of Development - EGO
  • "We are super happy that we implemented Advanced Commerce's GrapheneHC platform. We have improved our onsite search conversion over 45% and our overall conversion by around 10% , while also increasing basket volumes"

    Johannes von Roth-Bandick

    Head of eCommerce - Betty Barclay Group
  • "The biggest short term gain for us is really having a tool that is the right level for our business without having to compromise on the technology. I would absolutely recommend for anyone wanting easy to use, enterprise grade software"

    Zoe Donavon

    Digital & Marketing Director - LK Bennett

About us

Advanced Commerce was founded by André Brown
(previously CEO and Founder of Attraqt,) to provide an
enterprise-level merchandising platform to small and
mid-tier retailers.

Advanced Commerce empowers retailers to take
control over product display sequences using a blend
of product and store attributes and determining where
to apply that blend. It helps increase conversion rate,
average order value, and higher order volume while
reducing returns and cart abandonment rates.
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Three technologies in one easy to use platform

Merchandising effects with GrapheneHC

Merchandising strategies are essentially containers for all your merchandising effects - blends, templates and deployment rules. Strategies can be deployed across full categories, search results and product recommendations. You can set default strategies and also activate further strategies with triggers - onsite actions or referring URL's creating highly personalized customer experiences. 
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Intelligent search designed for eCommerce

GrapheneHC's intelligent, native search engine has all the tools you need to avoid null search results, protecting the shopping experience of your customers and reducing bounce rate. All search results can have merchandising effects applied to them giving you control of the display sequencing and any search terms can trigger personalized merchandising effects.
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Personalization tools to enhance UX

GrapheneHC's range of personalization tools give you the power to deliver a custom experience for each visitor and improve site performance. Easily create incredible personalised shopping experiences that will delight your customers using any onsite action or referring URL to trigger merchandising effects.
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Super powerful, super easy to use

GrapheneHC is built to outperform the competition in terms of speed, breadth of functionality and price. Find out more about the technology behind the platform and how easy it is to integrate with your current eCommerce platform.
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See GrapheneHC in action

Take a guided tour around GrapheneHC and see it's features in action. Watch in real time as the product display sequencing changes as blends, templates and strategies are applied.

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